Friday, 17 February 2012


He musta been six foot
built like a gorilla
digits the size
of cumberland sausage
And he came over to me
on his bike
and he stopped right next to me
he had been past before
and turned around
but now he was right next to me
in my face
and he had a big stupid smile
I realised he wasn't all there
and the tension eased
he was just staring
and smiling
He asked - how is your day?
and I said - Just fine buddy, yourself?
Good - He said
he grabbed my hand with his
big meaty fist
and squeezed it tight
I smiled back and turned it into a handshake
then patted his shoulder
in a polite bid to have my limb returned intact
He musta been six - foot
and built like a gorilla
he grinned wider
and his cumberlands squeezed tighter
- easy fella -
I gently wormed my hand out of his
he put his hand on my chest
I removed it
- Have a good un buddy, I smiled
and patted his shoulder again
He grabbed my wrist
and put my hand to his chest
I took it back with a good yank
as he was still squeezing my wrist
- That'll do champ I said
gave him one last pat on the arm
as if to say
- no harm done, but that's enough now
A few steps away I caught a glance over my shoulder
the big fella was watching me
He still had a dopey smile smacked on his face
I was happy of that
and off I walked home
leaving the big - fella behind me
my face to the sun
train line to the right

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