Tuesday, 7 February 2012


The day after she left
for Denmark
I took myself to the beach
I was tired
I'd come straight from work
and had no towel
I could feel the sun
destroying me through
a film of salt water
wet to crust
Over the water
a plane flew
carrying a banner
that advertised a shopping centre
they had intruded
but nobody seemed to mind
Sat on the limestone wall
of a garden bed
next to the showers
drip drying in the glare
a girl maybe three years old
was admiring the bees with
a cautious curiousity
'Daddy why do bees like flowers?'
'Cos of the colour and the smell'
and that was that
reminded of a freinds poem
I truly felt
crushed by barbarians
at least
for a little while

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