Thursday, 24 November 2011

While walking through seeds the size of Acorns on a muggy Perth day.

There's being a kid
while another kid pisses
on you
and another kid laughs
and the ensueing
rugby tackle style
bear hug
as mother turns off the hoover
in response to the unexpected cries
coming from somewhere like nowhere
in murky wet heat
There's standing on one side
of a boat
while the others stand opposite
and witnessing
prehistoric phenomenom
outside of OUR proof
there are few who belive
and that's okay
There's ejaculating
twisted erotica
from a static space
and electric lust
while fucking
a big loud bitch
boyfriend asleep in next room
There's developing
metallic tounge
and setting off a freinds car alarm
as it
kicks in Big Time
There's quiet moments
spent listening to rain
and savouring
every drop
And then
there's now
with the milk fridge to my right
a kid playing outside
and the sound of tape
being ripped off cardboard