Monday, 6 June 2011


this is sitting in Hyde park watching people play on homemade instruments and drinking tepid beer
this is walking through the dark night bush while stars flicker trying to find the caravan and hoping not to step on a tiger
this is laying naked with a beautiful girl and sharing a joint after fucking for hours
this is talking to a stranger on a train and feeling a connection
this is staring at the mirror gauging the first signs of age and being a little humbled
this is letting go, letting go, letting go      
moving forward
learning to grow

This is not..
this is not financial terror and burden haunting early hours
this is not seeking repentance each day like a fist about the brain
this is not seeking validation of conciousness to adorn the arm and warm the flesh at night until the next one comes to flight
this is not sucking up the static for hour hour after hour every fucking night in the name of winding down
this is not scraping out the hose with a picnic knife

this is not doing what your told

this is not doing what's suggested

This is....


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