Sunday, 12 June 2011


Habits don't die easy
they like to stick around.
They make you feel guilty when you try to leave them behind
'Oh don't you miss me?'
Like a true friend they may stay with you for life.

Habit's come in many forms:
Some spend too much on shoes and go to the same chain coffee store
at the same time each day on their lunch break and order the same thing
and read a book by Jodi Picoult or Patricia Cornwell and feel very free.
Some drink too much and then drink more. Wake up and open a beer before
they get dresed, feeling happily numb and blessed. Some keep the bong and
chop next to the bed so they can smoke when they wake up to piss. Wake up
smoke some more and fall back into a hazy mist.

Some are at the TAB with eyes fixed on the screen. Intent, intent the big one!
Chasing a dream hooked on losing but still praying for a win.

And some sleep in guters. Some sleep in bed's
Some don't sleep for day's. Some are glued to the tv their entire lives
Some people eat themselves to death


And then there are others..
The needle, the spoon, the score
the prick, the rush, the wave..

and then there's the rest

Habit's come in many forms... ( some people like jigsaw puzzles too much)

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